H ERO is a 100 percent employee operated non-profit,” says Chief Financial Officer Sonja Keeton. “For me it is absolutely central to this firm’s identity and what we stand for as a member of our community. I knew people who’d been impacted personally by the Harbert family’s generosity even before I joined HMC. But HERO is so much more than just the Harbert family. It’s our employee volunteers — who donate so generously of their time and money and who’ve enabled us to reach and serve so many people over the years.” The HERO Foundation provides direct financial assistance to help people regain their independence and self-sufficiency in the wake of natural disasters, medical crises or temporary financial hardships. We learn of people in need from our own employees, and from several of our partners in the community — including Children’s Hospital, Alabama Children’s Rehabilitation Services and the Alabama Head Injury Foundation. Each year, as HMC celebrates its successes and its blessings, nothing touches us more deeply than the many selfless acts of kindness performed by our employees through the HERO Foundation. It is truly an honor for the Harbert name to be associated with their efforts. HMC’s employees established the HERO Foundation in the Spring of 1998 after a devastating tornado season left dozens of people in Alabama without shelter, clothes or food. Since 1998, the Foundation has helped hundreds of individuals and families in need of temporary assistance, when no other safety net was available. THE HERO FOUNDATION $4.5 Million Total Funds Raised, 1998 to date 607 Total Grants Awarded, 1998 to date $3.3 Million Grants Awarded, 1998 to date 31