A sanexample,Millerpointstothemonthsandyears after the 2008 crisis. “Similar to other managers, we had funds that fell on hard times. But where so many other funds’ managers bailed on their investments because they weren’t making money themselves, we stayed the course and stuck by ours. As a result, those funds ultimately performed significantly better than they would have if we’d taken the easy way out.” “At the same time,” he concludes, “we’re an open book. Every investment we make is completely transparent, and when investors have questions our reports don’t answer, they can always call us and ask. For all the sophisticated data we use — and all the processes and controls we have in place — we are still ultimately in a relationship business. And there’s no better foundation for a healthy, long-term relationship than truth and transparency.” “Two key messages have always resonated with our investors,” says Charlie Miller. “First, given how much of our own capital we invest, there’s no question about our personal interest in the funds we manage. And second, we live what we preach, in terms of integrity. We don’t just do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. We do it because that’s who we are.” L-R: Ryan Hughes, Melissa Babb, Preston Ulrich, Charlie Miller, Bill Wos MARKETING 27 Michael Larsen Rich Brereton