W e take our fiduciary role very seriously,” says EVP and CFO Sonja Keeton. “We always have, which is why we’ve built an exceptionally talented team of experienced professionals — including CPAs, Chartered Financial Analysts and a Certified Fraud Examiner. Between our investments and corporate entities, we conduct close to sixty audits each year in the first quarter alone. FUND ADMINISTRATION & MARKETING HMC’s Fund Administration is arguably the most tangible confirmation of the deep, personal alignment of interests we share with our clients. It’s our ongoing investment in the infrastructure needed to execute every venture we undertake. Seated L-R: Mike Bauder, Jerry Phillips, Brandon Kusibab, Sonja Keeton Standing L-R: John McCullough, Raymond Harbert, Jr., Thomas Hicks, Jeff Liles FUND ADMINISTRATION 26 “Moreover, by providing our sponsored funds with comprehensive administrative and regulatory support, we free our investment professionals to focus on what they do best: Invest.” “I don’t know of a firm our size with a fund administration team anywhere near ours — in size, breadth or depth,” says EVP Charlie Miller. “At heart, we’re an entrepreneurial-minded organization, but we have the same level of processes and controls that investors expect from even the largest institutional asset management firms.”