W e occupy what we believe is a particularly attractive niche in the Venture Capital market,” says Managing Partner Wayne Hunter, “the underserved space between early-stage startups and late-stage growth equity favored by large venture and PE funds.” Toward that end, our team targets emerging growth stage companies in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic U.S.; highly promising organizations that typically generate annual revenues from $5 to $20 million, and are led by dynamic entrepreneurs and strong management teams. “We’ve built an extraordinarily talented team around our strategy,” Hunter continues. “We make substantial investments in great entrepreneurial teams, then give them access to whatever additional resources they need — including our deep financial and operational advisory experience, as well as our substantial network of contacts. These contacts can offer our partners everything from introductions to prospective customers and partners, to assistance in recruiting executive talent — which is critical to successfully scaling a business.” Hunter points to another key advantage our team enjoys in attracting partners: “There are a lot of very smart people in finance, but they aren’t always the kind of people that entrepreneurs want to work with over a long period of time. Our prospects routinely talk to CEOs we’re already working with, and get good reports. They hear that we’re willing to roll up our sleeves and help our partners. In this business, reputation is everything.” There’s no question that the December 2017 acquisition of Birmingham-based startup Shipt by Target Corporation for $550 million brought an unprecedented level of attention to Harbert Growth Partners. However, Shipt is far from the first successful partner we’ve supported since launching our Growth Equity strategy in 2004. HMC-backed portfolio companies have generated successful exits with a significant number of leading strategic and private equity firms — including, among others: Amazon, GE, General Catalyst, GlaxoSmithKline, Insight Venture Partners, Royal Philips N.V., Sophos and Summit Partners. PRIVATE CAPITAL Growth Equity $200 Million Invested Capital Across Four Funds 48.3% Fund IV “The Harbert Growth Equity team invested in the first institutional funding for Shipt and served as a valuable sounding board during our most critical growth phase and then through the closing of our sale to Target. They were a great partner to Shipt, which is why I would recommend them to other founders interested in scaling their own businesses.” Bill Smith, Shipt 23 (0.5%) Fund III 28.1% Fund II (2.6%) Fund I Net Internal Rate of Return