Meet The Harebrain

Francis Hare is the High Commander of Hare Communications—and serves as Chief Creative Officer for the agency’s foreign and domestic operations. A copywriter by trade, Francis has also been known to contribute the occasional visual concept to a campaign’s overall success.

Francis is personally responsible for a great many of the agency’s brilliant creative solutions, and the vast majority of our dumb questions. Questions he asks without shame during the research phase of any project. “After all, many of our best ideas and strategies start with the kinds of questions your customers would like to ask you if they didn’t sound dumb—which is why I don’t mind asking them myself.”

With his self-deprecating wit and beguiling charm, Francis is also a popular lunchtime companion among clients and business associates alike. When not writing, managing the agency’s creative workload or lunching with world leaders, Francis enjoys regular mountain biking rides and occasional visits to physical therapy. | 205-873-1105

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